We are proud to offer an array of products that come from other local, independent purveyors and producers in our region.

Find out more about our coffee, baked goods, grab-n-go breakfast and lunch options, and other unique products from around the Northwest.


We get our coffee beans from Caffe Vita, a locally owned company in Seattle since 1995. Vita has direct relationships with farmers in 11 countries who grow high-quality beans using sustainable practices. We use Vita’s Caffe del Sol blend for espresso. Along with a great taste, it produces a consistent “deep, silky, amber crema with a sweet caramel finish.” Our drip coffee is the Caffe Luna blend. We also make cold-brew Toddy coffee using TK blend.

And of course, we have a bunch of iced drinks too, including house-made black iced tea, house-made mango-ceylon iced tea and hand-made Italian sodas as well as bottled teas and juices, and sodas too.

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Baked Goods

We get many of our baked goods from Little Rae’s Bakery, a nut-free bakery that’s been a mainstay of Seattle cafes for many years. We offer their muffins and cinnamon rolls, scones, shortbread cookies, and large cookies and brownies. And, we always have Little Rae’s seasonal festive cookie available. So if you need a cookie shaped like a shamrock, a turkey, a santa, or just a monkey, we’ve got it!

Every Wednesday is Donut Wednesday at City Grind in City Hall, because making it to the middle of the week is a great reason to celebrate with a delicious, vegan donut from Seattle’s own Mighty-O Donuts (everyday is Donut Day at our UW cafe in Henry Art Gallery. If you're in school, you always need a donut). Oh, and get over the fact that they’re vegan and indulge in one of these amazing donuts. If we didn’t tell you that they’re vegan, you wouldn’t know.

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We sell sandwiches, salads and other lunch options from two great local suppliers.

Twice a week, Molly’s brings us an array of sandwiches, salads and wraps made with fresh, mostly organic ingredients. In sandwiches we’ve got everything including a traditional Freebird Turkey sandwich or the Sage Turkey sandwich to a delicious Chicken Curry on a baguette and their new vegetarian sandwich, The Blackened Tofu. It’s got a kick to it! If you want something easy to eat on the go, try one of Molly’s excellent wraps: The Yam & Kale, the  Hangry Vegan or one of the breakfast wraps or sandwiches. If salad is your game, we’ve got you covered. Molly’s has plenty of salads you can dig into as a main course or a side to go with whatever else is in your lunch box.

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Other Products

Along with the gluten free sandwiches and other lunch offerings we have at our stand, we have some other unique products, including a lot of gluten free options.

For example, our Heart Thrive energy bars are gluten free, vegan and contain no GMOs.

We also have a ton of locally made energy options. From the organic and gluten free Skout energy bars (made in the Willamette Valley), to three varieties of Fresbar energy snacks (from Anacortes, WA) or a gluten free Sunny Valley Raspberry Oatmeal Bar (made in Kent, WA), we can give you some get up and go. Finally, our biscotti (which are also gluten free but don’t seem like it!) are made on Vashon Island by the partner of one of our customers! You can’t get much more local than that.

For breakfast, try one of our Straw Propeller oatmeal cups. Made in Redmond, OR, this company has a huge variety of oatmeal and muesli flavors that are ready for some hot water or hot milk (steamed by us!) to get you started in the morning. The second ingredient in all their products is always fruit so you know they don’t add a bunch of sugar.