Coffee for just a Dollar!


Why Just a Dollar?

Why is our drip coffee just a dollar? Is it really any good? These are good questions.

Let’s start with the most important one: Yes, it’s good coffee. We get our beans from Caffe Vita on Capitol Hill right here in Seattle. They’ve been roasting coffee for almost a quarter of a century and believe us, they know what they’re doing. We use their Caffe Luna blend for our drip coffee. This medium roast blend begets a flavorful brew that goes down smooth and provides the pick me up we all need in this crazy world.

So why do we sell this great stuff for just one dollar at our University of Washington location? Because we believe that everyone who needs a cup of coffee should be able to afford a great one. Since we were students once ourselves, we remember—all to well—the days when we just needed caffienne but just didn’t have the money to buy the stuff that tasted good. We never want you to be torn between a bad cup of coffee and a Red Bull (and all the sugar and other junk that includes). We want you to drink the freshest, hottest, best-rewed java you can get. So we sell it for a buck.

Of course, if your tastes, and your budget, run toward the slightly more fancy drinks, we’ve got those too. They cost more than a dollar, but not too much more. So whether you’re on the run to class after a late night studying (or, whatever, you scamp you…) or looking to sit down with that new friend and plan out your next late night adventure, we’ve got your energy needs covered!


Come Find Us

We’re located in the Henry Art Gallery, right on the campus side of the 15th Ave. pedestrian bridge. Stop in next time you’re passing by.